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Hairballs in Maine Coons: How to Prevent and Treat Them

The Collins English Dictionary defines a hairball as being a mass of hair which forms in the stomach of a cat as a result of licking and then swallowing the fur. Hairballs can be miserable for...

The Ultimate Guide to Bathing and Grooming Your Maine Coon

Maine coons are a semi-long hair breed of cat and, in general, are very good at keeping themselves clean. They have a lovely, glossy coat which is thick due to the fact that it has multiple layers....

Do Maine Coons Shed a lot? How to Manage All That Fur?

It is not uncommon for people to ask if Maine coons are hypoallergenic. Unfortunately, the answer here is no. They are incredibly furry creatures who shed A LOT. This is due to the fact that they...

Removing Mats From a Maine Coon: A Step by Step Guide

Maine coons are a semi-long haired breed of cat. This means that they have a whole lot of fur to get knotted. Matted fur is a serious problem in cats and needs treating as soon as possible. So, how...

Should I let my Maine Coon Cat Go Outside?

One of the first questions any new Maine coon owners ask is, should I let my Maine coon go outside? It’s an important question as it will have an affect on many different aspects of your Maine...

Best Brushes for Maine Coons

Maine coons have such a lush coat of fur but it does require a bit of maintenance on the part of the owner. A short daily grooming routine followed by a more intense weekly grooming routine (1-2 times a week)...

Cat Water Fountains

Maine coons are totally obsessed with water. They will play about with it all day if they are allowed and this results in quite a mess. It’s so much of a problem that I’ve actually written an entire article dedicated to the subject, see...

Best Shampoo for Maine Coons

With such a thick coat of fur, Maine coons require regular grooming to prevent matting. For some Maine coons, this grooming routine will include bathing. Bathing is particularly important for elderly or poorly coons who are unable to groom...

Best Cat Trees for Maine Coons

These days Maine coons are often kept as indoor pets. There are many reasons for this and you can read more about these in my article, Should I Let My Maine Coon Go Outside? Keeping them inside does mean that you’ll have to make an effort ...

Best Pet Carriers for Maine Coons

Maine coons are the largest breed of domestic cat and this means that finding a suitable cat carrier can be challenging. Fully grown Maine coons often weight between 10-20lb but some can even weigh more than this!


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