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How to Manage Your Maine Coon’s Water Obsession?

Maine coons have some really funny personality traits and their obsession with water just has to be one of them. Whether its strange drinking habits or jumping in the shower with you, most Maine coons exhibit some interesting quirk when it comes to water.

Maine coon’s love of water may stem from their evolutionary path. They have a very thick, shaggy fur coat which is water resistant. This coat was designed to keep but warm in the ice and snow but also makes them good swimmers. Just like people though, not every Maine coon is the same and therefore some will try to avoid getting wet at all costs.

Let’s look at some of the funny habits that Maine coons can exhibit around water. We’ll also go through some tips that owners can use to stop their coons from making a mess around the house.

Maine Coons Have Strange Drinking Habits

It’s not uncommon to see a Maine coon using an odd technique to drink from their water bowl. They will often dip their paw into the water bowl and then lick the water off their paw. It’s very cute to watch but man does it make a mess of the floor! Some other coon owners I have spoken to say that their pets take some of the dried food out of their bowl and put it into the water prior to eating it.

Many owners will also comment that their coons trying drinking from their glasses if they are set down within reach. I’ve even heard of people only drinking from a sports bottle so that their coons can’t get their faces anywhere near their drinks!

‘For ages I couldn’t work out why my glass of water by my bedside was a little emptier in the morning. It wasn’t until I woke up in the middle of the night to find Mrs Norbert happily having a drink from the glass! I have no idea how long it had been going on before she got busted!’ – Sherry

They Can Turn On Taps!

Maine coons prefer running water to still water. Therefore you might find them getting up to mischief by turning on taps! Maine coons are very intelligent creatures and will certainly not be phased by the challenge of getting that water running. It may be that they prefer drinking running water or it may be that they just want to play! The desire to drink running water could stem from the basic survival instinct that running water is less likely to harbour bacteria than standing water. Clearly, that does not apply when they have a well-maintained drinking bowl of water down in the kitchen!

I asked 20 Maine coon owners about the personalities of Maine coons and here’s what one of the owners had to say regarding the water obsession, ‘Mine has learned how to turn on the bathroom tap. For months I had been blaming my son until I caught the cat red handed!’

‘Mine loves water. He’s always in a sink somewhere and drinks from the faucets not a bowl.’ – Erin

‘My Maine coon sits on the counter and watches me doing the dishes and then tries to play in the dish water!’ – Becky

Some of them Love Baths and Showers

Some coons love water so much that they will climb into the shower with their owners! It’s the perfect example of both their love for running water and their inability to leave their chosen human alone!

If your coon is a bath-lover then you are in luck. Giving them a bath during a thorough grooming session will be so much easier. Just make sure that you’ve got yourself a good quality shampoo which is specifically designed for long-haired cats. Also, make sure that you check your cat for matting before giving them a bath as getting those tight knots wet will inevitably make them worse.

‘My boy has taken to sleeping in the bathroom sink at night. That way he’s right there when he wants a drink in the middle of the night.’ – Kate

‘Mine is not so keen on the shower. A full bath is a totally different story though. We also bought him a water fountain which he just loves.’ – Laura

‘Mine loves it. He gets in the shower when it’s running all the time!’ – Terry

‘Mine loves to play with things in the water. He begs to go into the shower and then drinks the water from the shower after you’ve gotten out.’ – Sophie

‘Mine are mesmerised by water going down the drain. They two of them will sit on the side of the bath and just watch the water drain away!’ – Kathy

Mable as a kitten, sitting in the sink!

How to Stop Your Maine Coon Playing with Water?

Move their drinking water away from their food bowl?

If you’ve noticed dried food ending up in the drinking water then you could try moving the water bowl to a separate area of the kitchen. Chances are that your coon will not go to the trouble of moving their kibble all the way from one side of the room to the other just for the sake if getting it wet. Some cats also dislike their food being so near water anyway so this is potentially an easy win for you.

Put their drinking bowl on a mat

If moving the drinking bowl didn’t work it’s going to be hard to stop your coon playing with their drinking water. Accepting this, you want to try and minimise the mess created. Buy a large mat to put underneath the drinking bowl. This will soak up the water when it gets flicked onto the floor.

Invest in a Pet Water Fountain

Taps harbour bacteria which will not affect humans but can give cats an upset stomach. Diarrhoea is the last thing you want to be dealing with in a cat with such long fur! To discourage their coons from drinking from the tap, many coon owners will invest in a cat water fountain. There are many examples of these available, often made from plastic although ceramic versions are also available. Click here to see my recommended pet water fountains for your Maine coon. When your coon is having fun drinking from their water fountain you’ll likely find that they stop seeking out other ways to get access to running water.

Keep Your Bathroom Door Closed

If you are not going to be home during the day or have a large house where you can’t hear what is going on in the bathroom then you are going to want to keep the door shut. That way you won’t have your coon turning on the taps, jumping in the toilet bowl or trying to climb into the bath tub.

Play with Your Coon

Entertaining themselves with water may just be a sign that they are bored. Coons are a very intelligent breed of cat and therefore need a lot of attention and mental stimulation. Make sure you have a play session with them every day.

And if All Else Fails…

‘Luna loves water so much that we had to buy her own pool for her!’ – Petra


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