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Maine Coon Personality Traits: Responses from 20 Owners

Maine coons are known for being ‘gentle giants’ with great personalities. In fact, you’ll very rarely meet an owner who has anything bad to say about their coon’s temperament. If you are thinking of getting a Maine coon then you’ll probably want to know what to expect from your new furry friend. I asked 20 owners to describe the personality of their Maine coon and here are their responses. First let’s have a quick run through the main personality traits of a Maine coon.

They want constant attention

Maine coons are very lovely and very loyal. They will follow their owner around and try and sit between you and whatever you are currently working on. Some even try getting in the bath or the shower with their owner. Most are not lap cats, they’ll more likely sit next to you rather than on you.

They exhibit dog-like tendencies

The Maine coon is known as the dog of the cat world. They are very playful with some even fetching small objects as a dog would. As Maine coons are often kept as indoor cats some owners choose to take their pet for a walk. It can be a bit variable how compliant a coon will be with a lead though! Because of their dog-like behaviours they also get on very well with other dogs. Lots of families have both a coon and a dog and have no problems with the two of them getting along.

They are great mousers

Coons are great at hunting. If you let them outside then you’ll inevitably be finding little gifts on your doorstep. Fortunately many Maine coons are kept indoors which can offer the local mouse population some protection.

They have a Sense of humour

The male maine coon in particular can be very comical. They will often parade around and show off in front of their owners and anyone visiting the house. They want to be loved and given attention and they know that laughter is the key to our hearts.

They are very vocal

Maine coons have a wide range of noises that they like to make, all of which are very sweet. Despite the fact that they talk a lot, Maine coon sounds are not irritating. In fact a lot of people find the interaction rather calming. Apart from a meow, they also like to trill and chirp. A trill is a sound which occurs when they try and purr and meow at the same time and therefore occurs when they are happy.

Despite the fact that they make a lot of noise themselves, coons dislike loud sounds, much like any other cat. The sound of the vacuum cleaner, hair dryer or fur clippers can startle them. This makes grooming, and the subsequent task of cleaning up their fur, a bit of a challenge!

They have funny habits with water

Maine coons find water fascinating. As I mentioned before, some like to jump in the bath. It’s not uncommon to see a Maine coon putting their paw into their water bowl and splashing the water about. They may even put their toys in there too!

Here’s what our 20 Maine coon owners had to say about their beloved pets:

Frances: Maine coons make the best companions. They are incredibly loving and loyal. My Lucy cuddles up under the duvet with me at night. She always tries to follow me when I go out. She’s even been known to follow me when I drive off in the car!

Jackie: I’d have to describe mine as a cat/dog hybrid. They are definitely more needy than other breeds of cat and like to be with us all of the time. Ours loves playing with the dog and is very tolerant of children.

Lynda: A big, bouncy bundle of energy like a puppy! Ours is very intelligent and likes to sit and watch the world go by but will also fetch toys out of the box when he wants us to play with him.

Carol: They are very affectionate and want a lot of attention. They really like to chat with humans.

Michaela: Chatty, calming, nosey and like a bull in a china shop!

Kal: Very laid back in general but very noisy when hungry. He doesn’t jump on things and never makes a mess. Very different to my previous cats. He’s the type of cat I’ve always wanted.

Tatiana: Maine coons are very emotional and form deep, loyal bonds with both people and other cats.

Simon: We have 12 Maine coons! One of them plays fetch, two like to sit on our laps and the rest follow us around like dogs.

Liz: One of mine acts more like they are a dog. We got a new puppy four months ago and the two of them are just inseparable. They love playing with each other and at night they cuddle up on the bed together.

Anneli: Put it this way, I thought Siamese cats were clingy!

Mirae: Mine has learned how to turn on the bathroom tap. For months I had been blaming my son until I caught the cat red handed!

Sharon: They’ve got some catitude. If I’m telling mine off then I get a little birdie noise back in response. None of my moggies in the past have done that. Since I got a Maine coon I haven’t been able to pee in peace. Best cats ever!

Liz: Mine didn’t know he was a cat. He had such a bond with our son. I knew exactly what he wanted just by his tone. I miss him every day.

John: Mine would jump up on my shoulders and I’d walk around the house with him up there. He would just sit there while I washed the dishes. I once gave the postman a shock when I answered the door with this massive cat on my shoulers.

Lydia: Our boy is needy and a real people pleaser. He will persistently do something naughty but then fall at your feet for belly rubs when you try and tell him off. He plays fetch and will come to you when you call his name. He’s a lovely boy.

Barbara: This first thing About Us: you do not own them, they own you. They are a tail with a cat attached. The first thing you fall in love with is their chirping sound. It takes about a month for them to train you to do things their way.

Catherine: They are the best cats every around children. They are very protective.

Paula: They are very chatty and will follow you from room to room. They are very funny and seem to enjoy making you laugh. They are very affectionate. If you want a cat that is independent and aloof then a Maine coon is not the cat for you!

Dean: Mine does my head in at times! He is obsessed with being brushed and having treats. He’ll ask for it 10-20 times a day! We do love him though.

Kimberley: I’ve had cats all my life and Maine coons are something else. Mine watches everything I do and I can see him thinking things over. He’s affectionate, playful and very boisterous when the mood takes him. He’s also the most gentle cat I’ve ever known. I’d be lost without my little shadow.

So as you can see from the responses above, the Maine coon is a very special breed of cat. If you are wondering, is a Maine coon the right cat for my family? I’m sure you’ll agree that the answer has to be yes!


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