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9 Reasons Maine Coon Cats are Just Like Dogs

You’ll often hear people comparing owning a Maine coon to having a dog. In fact, they have some many dog-like tendencies that they have become known as the ‘dogs of the cat world’.

Maine coons are a great choice of family pet. They are very loyal, loving and playful creatures. In many ways owning a Maine coon is just like owning a dog, except without the constant need for walking.

So, why are Maine coon cats just like having a dog?

They follow you around the house like a shadow

I cannot even go to the bathroom without our two Kittens following me. They sit and watch me on the toilet. They try to climb into the bath when I am having a soak. They sit on the laptop when I am typing. And god forbid that I walk into the kitchen, they instantly assume I am getting food for them and begin climbing all over me. The smaller one manages to climb all the way up onto my shoulders which can be incredibly painful with her claws!

They love to play with water

Maine coons love to splash around with water. They will climb in the shower after you’ve just got out and pad around in the dampness. They’ll put their paws in their water bowl and then walk the water all around the kitchen. Any glass left out on the side will end up with a furry face getting stuck in it as they attempt to reach the liquid below. They just love water! A trait which is not common to most breeds of cat. See my article, How to Cope with Your Maine Coon’s Water Obsession.

They can learn to walk with a harness 

Maine coons are often kept as indoor pets. This is for a variety of reasons which I have discussed previously in this article. As a result they can lead a rather sedentary lifestyle, which is not healthy for such a large animal. Many owners choose to take their Maine coons out for short walks, using a harness. If they get used to it when they are young, then it can be a very successful way of providing a means of exercise for your Maine coon.

They will make a lot of noise when they want your attention

Maine coons do not bark like a dog, but they do come with their own array of interesting noises. If a Maine coon wants your attention then they will let you know about it for sure! A happy Maine coon will let out a chirp or a trill (a sound which occurs when they purr and chirp at the same time). They’ll do their fair share of meowing, particularly if they do not know where you are or if they want to get into the same room as you.

They will play fetch with their toys

You’ll often find that your Maine coon will develop a particular fondness for one or two of their toys. They may put them in their mouth and bring them to you when they want you to play with them. You may also find that throwing that toy just leads to them running to pick it up and bring it back to you. For one of our Kittens, the daily ‘fetch’ session is the highlight of his day. He gets so excited and thankfully it seems to burn off a lot of his excess energy.

They will lick your face

This is likely a territorial thing. They want to make sure that all other cats know that this is THEIR human and no one else’. They will affectionately lick your face and nibble your nose to get their scent all over you.

They want to be your best friend

Maine coons will fight over you. This can spell trouble if you have more than one. If one has prime position sitting on your lap or you shoulder then you can expect the other to try and butt in closer to you, knocking the other one away.

They will love all of the family

Maine coons are a great choice of pet for the family as they as so relaxed about who they live with. They love children, dogs and even other cats. They are generally very accepting of new members of the family. You can read more in my articles, Are Maine Coons Good Around Babies and Small Children? and Do Maine Coons Get Along With Dogs?

Their size!

A fully grown Maine coon, especially a male, will be more like the size of a dog than of a domestic cat. Maine coons can reach 40 inches in length and 20lbs in weight, making them the largest breed of domestic cat. See my article, How Big do Maine Coon Cats Get?

Owning a Maine coon will turn your household upside, but in the best way possible. They have the grace and elegance of a cat, with the love and loyalty of a canine. Maine coons truly are they best pet an owner could want.


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