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Litter Boxes For Maine Coons: A Complete Guide.

The Maine coon is the largest breed of domestic cat and so it make sense that they may need a different litter box to a regular moggie. A regular litter tray is likely going to be far too small for a Maine coon to use and be comfortable and you may find that this leads to accidents occurring. If your coon becomes frustrated they may even decide to forego the litter box completely and you’ll have to deal with cleaning up their business from the floor or even on the carpet.

It’s important to find a litter tray which is easy to climb into, comfortable for them to sit and turn around in and ideally that prevents litter tracking from those large paws of theirs!

Let’s take a look at some of the options available:

Hooded Litter Boxes

Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan

This is one of the most spacious covered litter trays available and very popular with Maine coon owners. It’s easily big enough for Maine coon weighing 23lbs to move around comfortably. A smaller coon would be able to climb inside and walk around without any trouble at all. When assembled it measures 22″L x 20″W x 18″H.

The lid locks into place preventing it from being knocked off when the cat is moving around inside it. Also, the sides are high enough to ensure that there are no leakages through the seams when the cat urinates inside which is great if you have coon who is a high pee-er. It also comes with a carbon filter to remove odours.

There is a flap on the front for the cat to get into the litter tray. This flap lifts up and backwards so that the owner can get access for scooping. The only trouble reported by some of the owners using this product is that the flap is quite stiff and can sometimes get stuck. In this case people have removed the flap, leaving an opening for the cat to climb into. Generally, though this is not a problem.

Catit also make their own range of litter tray liners and have a jumbo-sized line available to fit inside this litter tray. Click here to check out this litter box on Amazon.

Savic Nestor Covered Litter Tray XXL

This is another great option designed for very large breeds of cat. It measures 66.5 (L) x 48.5 (W) x 46.5 (H) cm, making it a great size for a Maine coon. It has a flat which can be flipped up for owner access to scooping, or kept open for Kittens who are learning to use the litter tray. The hood can be removed easily for cleaning out the litter tray. It comes with a carbon filter included and there are two different colour options available: light-grey and white, and burgundy and white. Click here to view on ZooPlus.

Big Box Cat Litter Tray

This spacious litter box is designed for top entry. This allows your coon to kick the litter around all they want without you having to worry about the clean up afterwards. Top entry litter boxes are also good for households will dogs who get curious about cat litter as they cannot get their noses anywhere near it! There are no grooves on the inside and the lid is simple to remove, making for easy cleaning. Click here to view this litter box on ZooPlus.

Modkat XL Litter Box

The ModKat is a pricier option but for a reason. This litter tray can be configured for either front or top entry depending on your preference. It comes with two re-useable liners which are really easy to clean, one for front entry and the other for the top entry configuration. This is a great option for a Maine coon and also for multi-cat households. It measures 21″ L x 16.5″ W x 17″ H.

When configured for top entry, the grate on top will eliminate any litter tracking. Maine coon owners love it and say that this is one of the best litter trays they have tested out on their coons.

The Amazon listing has multiple helpful photographs explaining the different configurations and also has several useful videos available to watch. To check these out simply click this link. You can also click here to compare current pricing on ZooPlus.

Omega Paw Roll ‘n Clean New Litter Box

This is ‘self-cleaning’ litter box which is popular with many Maine coon owners. The self-cleaning feature does not require electricity, filters or any liners. It’s simply a case of rolling the box over. It’s kind of hard to imagine but it is incredibly simple. I’ve included a YouTube video below which is by Omega Paw to explain how to use it.

Maine coons over 20lbs may find this litter box a bit snug but smaller coons would fit inside just fine and be quite comfortable. Unfortunately, ‘large’ is the biggest size available as they have not made an ‘extra-large’ version with Maine coons in mind.

This item is stocked in several places and I’ve included links to a couple of options below:

Click here to check current pricing on Amazon

Click here to check current pricing on ZooPlus

Open-Top Litter Boxes

Although hooded litter trays may seem the most pleasant option for your home, some cats just cannot get along with them. Remember that cats feel that they are at their most vulnerable when going to the toilet. Some prefer to be able to look around while they are doing their business as a way of protecting themselves and their territory. If this is the case with your coon then a traditional open-top litter tray may be the only option.

Corner Litter Tray XXL

This is a great space-saving option as it fits nicely into the corner of a room. It’s been designed specifically for larger breeds of cat and measures 70 (L) x 56 (W) x 23 (H) cm. It had a lipped edge which can be removed for cleaning. You may also want to remove this for easier entry if you have Kittens or a more elderly coon who is less mobile. If you have a high pee-ing coon then the low edges mean that this litter tray may not be suitable.

This one is a much cheaper than many of the other large litter trays out there but is still a popular option among Maine coon owners in the UK. This is the litter tray we he bought our Kittens to begin with. Click here to view this litter tray on ZooPlus.

Savic Aseo Jumbo Cat Litter Tray 

This is a great, budget option and is designed for large cats. It can hold a lot of litter which is good for cats who are fond of digging large holes. The high sides also prevent the litter from going all over the floor. Click here to view this litter tray on ZooPlus.

Multi-Cat Households

How many litter boxes do you need when you have more then one cat in the house? That’s a tough question because really it depends on your cats and also the amount of space available. We only have a small house and we have two Maine coons who are Kittens at the moment. For now, having the one large litter tray seems to be just fine as they can use it at the same time if they really need to. We may find that as they grow they prefer having one tray each. I’ll just keep an eye out for any accidents and if they start to happen on a regular basis then I’ll buy a second litter box.

Previously we had two adult coons who were obsessed with using the same tray despite the fact we had bought them one each. It was almost a territorial thing. If one went for a poo in the tray then the other would go and do one in the same tray immediately after. It was almost like this was their way of marking territory even though they lived in the same house. The second litter box was just a waste of money and space in our house.

Other have a different experience. Some cats prefer to have their own litter tray and will not use one that another cat has used. If you have one cat who is behaving in this way then make sure that they have access to their own litter tray. Your other cats may be fine with sharing so encourage them to stay away from this particular.

Of course if you are a household with a lot of cats then you’ll need a different plan. Three cats you’ll probably want to have two litter boxes at least. More than three cats in a house and it starts getting complicated. Two cats per litter box is probably a good rule of thumb.


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