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12 Reasons Maine Coons Make Great Pets.

Maine coons are becoming more popular as household pets. Is it really any wonder why? If you are considering adopting a Maine coon but need a little nudge to make you do it then look no further. Here are 12 awesome reasons that we think Maine coons make the best pets:

They are Quite Content Staying Indoors

Maine coons are often kept as indoor pets. This is for a variety of reasons (which you can read about here, Should I Let My Maine Coon Go Outside?). Most Maine coons will be quite content with this. In fact a lot of breeders will not let you have a kitten from them unless you agree to keep them indoors. If they’ve grown up inside the house then they won’t know any different. This also helps in terms of keeping all that fur nice and clean and also with maintaining the local bird population!

It’s Like Having a Dog

Maine coons are known as the ‘dogs of the cat world’. They are the largest breed of domestic cat, measuring as big as, or sometimes larger than, a small dog. They also a very playful breed of cat and will often bring toys to you for you to play with them. If you throw the toy they will even fetch it and bring it right back to you, just like a dog. Read more on this here: 9 Reasons Maine Coons Are Like Dogs

Also, because of these canine-like behaviours, Maine coons actually get on really well with dogs, whether it be older dogs or puppies. For more information see my article, Do Maine Coons Get Along with Dogs? Maine coons are a great option for someone who love dogs but does not have the time to walk them on a regular basis. A coon can provide the same love and affection.

They Are Incredibly Loyal

Maine coons are loyal creatures who will follow you around the house like a shadow. They tend to pick a person or a couple of people who will be ‘theirs’ and they will stick to them like glue. They want to be with you literally all of the time, even to the point of staring at you when you are sat on the toilet! You are guaranteed a great friend who will provide you with years of love.

They are Extremely Chatty

Life with a Maine coon is not quiet but that’s what makes them such great company! They are always very keen to communicate with their humans and will make it known if they want something. You won’t hear the typical ‘meow’ from a coon. You’re more likely to hear chirping sound or the classic coon ‘trill’ (a mixture of a chirp and a purr). Despite all the noise it’s mainly comforting and endearing rather than annoying.

They Get on Well with Babies and Young Children

Maine coons have a very laid-back nature and have coined the term ‘gentle giants. They tend to react well when introduced to new members of the family. For more information see my previous article, Are Maine Coons Good Around Babies and Young Children?

They Can Be Trained

Being an indoor pet, it’s important that Maine coons get enough exercise. Obesity is not a good look for a cat with such a large frame to begin with. Some owners choose to take their coons for a walk outside using a harness. This is a great way of giving an Maine coon some exercise although not all of them take well to wearing the harness! Some owners try to train them to sit, stay and high five, just like a dog but with varying success.

Their Water Habits are Really Funny

Maine coons are obsessed with water, some are even known to jump in the bath or shower with their owners. Many a day we would come home to find ours sat in the sink, trying to turn the tap on. They much prefer to drink from running water than still water and this may stem back to the survival instinct that running water is less likely to contain bacteria. Read more about their funny habits around water here, How to Manage Your Maine Coon’s Water Habit.

They Are Incredibly Beautiful Creatures

Maine coons have lovely, thick coats of fur and a majestic mane. Sure that coat needs a bit of maintenance but grooming can be a great bonding experience between coon and owner. There are 75 different colours combinations of Maine coon so you can be sure that there’s one out there you’ll just love. If you are one for taking photographs of your pets then a Maine coon is definitely for you. They are such a photogenic breed of cat and they just love to pose.

They Make Great Mousers

Maine coons are great at hunting, this stems from their historical ability to hunt in the wild. They will be sure to keep any unwanted pests away from your house.

They Crave Companionship

Unlike other breeds of domestic cat, the Maine coon loves to have friends around. This is why many people recommend that you adopt them in pairs. Maine coons get along with humans, dogs and even other cats in the home. They love to have playmates and you’ll be grateful that they are being kept entertained, rather than wrecking the furniture.

There’s a Lot of Them to Love

Being the largest breed of domestic cat means that there is just more of them to love. Their large heads fit nicely in the palm of your hand when you stroke them and their big, bushy tails are really soft and fluffy. There’s a nice, substantial amount of cat to cuddle without worrying about hurting them. Although they do send your legs to sleep quickly when they lie on you! If you want to know more about how big Maine coons can get then click here for my article.

They Love Belly Rubs

Unlike most breeds of cat, Maine coons absolutely love having their bellies rubbed. You’ll quite often see them fall asleep on their backs with their bellies exposed. This is their way of showing how much they trust you. It’s lovely having them jump up beside you and flop over onto their side for a good old belly rub.

After reading this how could you not want to get yourself a Maine coon…or two maybe! Remember though that any pet comes with commitment and Maine coons are one of more complex breeds of cat. There are a number of different things you need to consider when adopting a Maine coon, some of which may not have even crossed your mind. For a full explanation of these considerations see my article, 7 Things to Consider Before Getting a Maine Coon.


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