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Do Maine Coons Need a Companion?

Maine coons are a very friendly breed of cat. They are much like dogs in the sense that they like to have constant human attention. This can prove to be a bit of a problem if you need to be out of the house all day, for example if you have a full-time job.

Maine coons are often kept as indoor pets and this can result in them becoming lonely if they are home alone all day. It is often recommended that you buy Maine coons in pairs. This is fairly easy to do if you are buying a kitten from a breeder and there are multiple Kittens available in a litter. If you have an older Maine coon then they may enjoy being introduced to a new kitten which they can take under their wing.

Buying Kittens in Pairs

Here I think it is a good point to let you know our personal experience with Maine coon Kittens.

When my husband bought his first Maine coon kitten, he chose a boy and named him Matt the Cat (I know, I know). It was love at first sight between the two of them. Matt the Cat wanted John’s attention constantly. Matt would sit downstairs and cry at night if he wasn’t allowed up to the bedroom. When it came to John going to work, Matt would sit on the windowsill and stare outside crying. This made it really difficult for John to leave him. After only a week it was too much and John went back to the breeder and asked for another kitten. This time he picked a girl named Mable.

When Mable came home there was a definite change in behaviour with Matt. In only one week Matt had gotten used to being the only cat in the house. He wasn’t aggressive at all towards Mable but he definitely became less friendly for a period of time. He seemed a little put out that he was no longer the centre of attention. Matt and Mable got on just fine and soon were keeping each other entertained when John was otherwise busy.

John describes the issue as follows. When he brought Matt home, he seemed to think he was almost like a human baby. He wanted human attention all the time. As soon as Mable was introduced it was like Matt suddenly realised he was a cat again. He took a little while to adjust to this but the problem of Matt crying when John was going to work was immediately solved.

So what’s the lesson here? Having two Maine coons solved the problem but John thinks the mistake he made was buying one kitten and then introducing another one at a slightly later date. If he had brought the both home at the same time then maybe Matt the Cat would have been a bit happier with the situation. This is because he never would have had the experience of being the only cat in a household and therefore would not have become territorial.

This time around we decided to buy two Kittens at the same. We have a boy and a girl from the same litter and they are really good friends. Neither of them are territorial and they are constantly entertaining each other. Best of all, because we bought two, it’s like we have a cat each. I can definitely say that no one in the house is feeling left out when it comes to attention!

Older Maine Coons

If you are re-homing a coon, particularly an older Maine coon then getting a pair may not be so simple. Having said that, if you are re-homing an older cat who is used to being home alone all day then this may not prove to be such a problem.

If you have an adult Maine coon who seems lonely then you may want to consider getting them a companion. It doesn’t have to be another Maine coon necessarily but coons are known for their good temperament so it is more likely they the two will get on. An older Maine coon may take a kitten under their wing more easily than having competition from another adult cat. You just have to ask yourself if you can handle the responsibility of looking after a kitten as of course they will require more attention than an adult cat. Maine coons in general are very playful but Kittens even more so. Your adult cat may enjoy having a kitten around and your kitten will not get bored if they have another cat to play with.

Canine Companions

Of course there is always the option of getting a puppy. Maine coons are known as the ‘dogs of the cat world’ and are often known to get along well with other pets in the house. Of course every cat is an individual but in general households with both dogs and Maine coons get on just fine. For more information you may like to read my article on the subject, Do Maine Coons Get Along with Dogs? This article includes a step-by-step guide for safely introducing the two.


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