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How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Maine Coon?

If you are thinking of buying a pet then cost is an important factor to consider. By cost I’m not just talking about the price of buying the actual animal, but also the many associated costs that come with owning a pet. In general, buying a Maine coon is more expensive than buying other cats, largely because they are a sought-after purebred pet. They have great personalities and get on well with both dogs and small children so it’s no wonder that the breed has become so popular.

So how much does a Maine coon cost? Well, a purebred Maine coon can set you back around £1500-2000 in the course of their first year. That’s around $1800-2500 in US dollars. This includes the initial cost of the kitten as well as pet insurance, the cost of feeding them and the cost of the items you’ll require to groom and provide proper care for them.

Let’s take an in depth look at the breakdown of costs associated with getting a Maine coon kitten.

Buying Your Maine Coon

The cost of buying a Maine coon kitten will vary from breeder to breeder. In the UK you will be looking at £500-£1000 for a kitten whereas in the US it is more like $400-$1500. Older cats and cross-bred Kittens will of course be less expensive.

If the Kittens have been bred from award-winning show cats then these Kittens will also come at a premium. Other factors come into play such as the colour of the cat. For example, white Maine coons have to be specially bred and are therefore rare. They will cost considerably more than a more than a coon with a more common colour of fur coat. Remember, it is not uncommon for you to need to travel some distance to collect your kitten.

White Kittens are quite a rare find, expect to pay more!

If you are rescuing a Maine coon from a shelter then they will often have a minimal cost or sometimes just ask for a small donation. It would be very unusual to find a purebred Maine coon kitten in an animal shelter though. Here you are more likely looking at older cats and coon-crosses.

When visiting a breeder there are a number of questions you should ask about the kitten, their parents and specifically their medical history. For more information and a printable list to take with you to the breeder, see my article on the subject.

In short, you want to be provided with proof that the kitten is a certified Maine coon and be clear about which vaccinations they have received and if they have been neutered or not. In general Kittens are neutered so that you cannot go on to breed them yourself, then becoming competition for that breeder.

The Cost of Pet Insurance for Your Coon

Insurance is an important cost to factor in when you are deciding whether to take on a Maine coon. They are a breed which are prone to developing a number of different health conditions and because of this insurance can get pricey. When adopting a kitten be sure to have evidence of a clean bill of health and evidence that the parents have been tested for genetic conditions. For more information on how pet insurance for Maine coons is calculated then see my article on the subject to get a better idea of what this might cost you.

The Cost of Feeding Your Coon

Maine coons are hungry creatures! Fully grown they can weight anywhere between 8 and 25 pounds! It takes a lot of feeding to maintain that frame. You’ll have to make a decision about what you intend to feed your Maine coon. Some owners choose to feed them a purely raw diet although a dry food diet is more common. Maine coons require a special dried food mix which is formulated to protect their joints and maintain a healthy coat. Wet food is also available so if you choose to use this then you’ll have to factor in the cost of 2-3 pouches per day. There are also separate formulations available for both Kittens and adult Maine coons.

The Cost of Basic Essential Items for Your Coon

In order to get your coon settled at home there are a few essential items you will need:

Cat Carrier

The first thing you will need is a cat carrier to take you cat home with. You’ll also need it to take them on trips to the vet. Make sure it has a well-padded floor to it and consider buying a blanket which you can put inside it (have it in your home before collecting the kitten so that it smells like your house). For more information about what to look for in a cat carrier and my recommendations see my guide to the Best Cat Carriers for Maine Coons.

Food and Water Bowl

You’ll need two bowls, one for food and one for water and this is per cat to make sure everyone gets a fair share.

Litter Tray

Buy a litter tray that will be big enough to allow a fully grown Maine coon to use it comfortably. This is likely going to be one designed for a small dog rather than a standard domestic cat. You’ll need to factor in litter as a recurring cost.

Grooming Tools

Maine coons have a long, thick fur coats which shed a lot and can easily get matted. It is important that they are regularly groomed and for this you will require some basic grooming tools. A good start would be to buy a wide-toothed comb (greyhound comb), a de-matting brush, an undercoat rake and a slicker. The cost of these can vary substantially but you don’t need to go buying anything fancy. If you intend to bathe your Maine coon then you will also need a cat-specific/kitten-specific shampoo.


Maine coons are very playful cats and Kittens even more so. You’ll want to have a few toys to hand to keep them entertained so that they don’t get up to mischief around the house.

Those I would say are the bare minimum things you want to buy to care for your Maine coon. Below are a few additional items that you may find helpful.

Cat Tree

Many Maine coons are kept as indoor cats. In fact, some breeders will not let you buy from them unless you agree to keep your coon indoors. They do need exercise though and a cat tree can be a great way to achieve this. These vary greatly in size and cost (from £30 to hundreds of pounds). See my guide for the Best Cat Trees for Maine Coons.


Again, if your coon is kept indoors then you’ll want to make sure they are getting exercise. Maine coon obesity is no laughing matter. Some owners like to take their coons outside for a walk using a harness.

Cat Water Fountain

This may sound unusual to those of you not yet familiar with the ways of the Maine coon cat. Basically, they are obsessed with water, so much so that I wrote an entire post on it ( Living With A Water-Obsessed Maine Coon). If you find that your coon is trying to turn on the taps and get in the shower then sometimes buying them a water fountain to drink from can reduce the mess! See my guide for the Best Cat Water Fountains.


Maine coon fur can become matted which requires quick treatment to stop it getting worse. You can get matted fur removed by a professional groomer but this can be costly, especially if it becomes a regular occurrence. Investing in some clippers may be wise so that you can remove matted fur yourself at home. For more information on this subject see my post, Removing Mats From a Maine Coon.

The Cost of Travel With or Without Your Coon

Some people like to take their Maine coons away with them on holiday (see my article, Travelling With a Maine Coon).  If you choose to do this then you will need to factor in the cost of taking a cat on a plane and the cost of the required feline travel documents. Others prefer to leave them at home or put them into a cattery. The cost of coon care whilst you are away is something you should consider. This will largely depend on how long you are away for as well as the number of cats you own.


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