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Best Cat Trees for Maine Coons.

These days Maine coons are often kept as indoor pets. There are many reasons for this and you can read more about these in my article, Should I Let My Maine Coon Go Outside? Keeping them inside does mean that you’ll have to make an effort to make sure your coon is getting enough exercise. A good way to do this is by investing in a cat tree.

Cat trees are piece of furniture which your cat can climb, sit on and scratch. They come in various sizes often with multiple levels, scratch posts and parts to entertain your coon. As your cat will be jumping all over them, they need to be sturdy.

A Maine coon can weight 10-20 lbs. That’s a lot of cat! Therefore cat trees designed for your regular domestic moggie are not going to be suitable. Look for a cat tree which is designed specifically for larger cats, or ideally for Maine coons, to ensure that they will not crumble the first time your coon jumps on it.

Some cat trees now come with a granite base to weigh it down so that might be something you want to look for. Another thing to bear in mind is the individual components of the tree. For example if there’s a hammock for your cat to lie in, make sure it can take the weight of your cat. Many state that they can hold up to 20lbs which is just fine for one Maine coon sleeping in a hammock.

Our Cat Tree

This is our lovely cat tree. It was actually designed for Maine coons by a company called RHR Quality; it’s called a Corner Coon. The base is really sturdy so it has not chance of falling over when they jump on it.

We were so pleased to find one that comes in a wide range of colours and this one matches our sofa. The fabric is so soft I’m kind of jealous I can’t curl up and fall asleep on it myself! Here is the link to the relevant page on Amazon but do check out the other designs on there by RHR Quality!

Here are a few other ideas you might want to investigate:

Armarkat Cat Tree Model

Armarkat make a selection of cat trees but I would recommend you look at getting the Large size (42 inches) for an adult Maine coon. This is a multi-level cat tree with ramps, scratching posts, dangling ropes and hammocks; so many facets to keep your coon entertained and well exercised. It comes in a selection of 5 different colour patterns so that ti blends in well with your home decor. The cheapest I could find it was via Amazon, click here to check current pricing.

Cortes Cosy Multi Level Climber Cat Activity Centre

This cat tree has 4 levels with scratching posts and plush cushioning. It’s a heavy product but the advantage of this is that once you’ve built it, it will not tip over when your Maine coon jumps on it. It’s grey and cream so relatively neutral in colour to fit easily with the decoration in your home. To see images, see the Pets at Home page via the link below.

Hey-bro Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo

This is a really sturdy cat tree with plush cushioning for your coon’s comfort, allowing them to have a good old snooze once they’ve finished jumping around. This cat tree stands a little over 43 inches (see full dimensions via this link to Amazon) and again has plenty of features to keep your coon entertained. It’s easy to set up and will support the weight of multiple cats.

Cat Wheel

If cat trees are not for you then another idea for exercising your Maine coon is a cat wheel. We don’t have one of these ourselves. Our cat tree already takes up enough space in our house! Here’s a video of our friend’s Bengal cat having a great time using his cat wheel.


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