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Cat Water Fountains

Maine coons are totally obsessed with water. They will play about with it all day if they are allowed and this results in quite a mess. It’s so much of a problem that I’ve actually written an entire article dedicated to the subject, see How to Manage Your Maine Coon’s Water Obsession ? Many owners find that investing in a cat water found helps to solve the problem.

More importantly most breeders and veterinarians will recommend that you buy a water fountain for your cat. Maine coons will not seek out water when thirsty. They get most of their hydration from wet food instead. They do however enjoy running water and this is why a pet water found is the perfect solution. Here are a selection that you might want to consider:

IPETTIE Tritone Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain

The IPETTIE water fountain has an elegant appearance, so will blend in nicely with the decor in your house. It has a 2.1 litre capacity and comes with replacement filters. Also, the fact that it is ceramic makes it more hygienic for your cat, much easier to clean and is also an eco-friendly option. Click here to see current pricing on Amazon.

Comsmart Cat Water Fountain

This budget option is very highly recommended. It is made from stainless steel, is very easy to assemble and very easy to clean. It has a large capacity of 2.4 litres and 3 different modes of water flow. For pricing and more detailed information see this link to Amazon.

Veken Pet Fountain

This water fountain has a large, 2.5 litre capacity and comes with 3 replacement filters and a silicone floor mat to catch any drips. It has an ultra-quiet pump and three modes for different water flow. Click here to see the thousands of positive it reviews it has on Amazon.

You can see from this video how much our two Maine coons love using their water fountain. Also, you can see how easy they are to set up!


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